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Cyio's cybersecurity risk management software delivers unparalleled insights, empowering organizations to precisely identify, manage, and prioritize critical cyber risks. By bringing focus to what’s most important to the business, our solution fortifies security efficiently, safeguarding assets and optimizing resources.

Cyio Fact

Did you know that Cyio is tailored to align with your business's workflows and processes? It adapts to your risk remediation procedures, not the other way around. For more Cyio Facts, follow us @DarkLight on LinkedIn.


What is the meaning behind the name "Cyio"? 

Scio is the Latin word meaning to-know. Cyio was developed for clients to know their risks, know their adversaries, and know themselves. By bringing focus to what’s most important to the business, our clients strengthen security while saving time and money.

What benefits can Cyio provide for my business?

Cyio provides you with a simple, holistic, and continuously prioritized view of your cybersecurity risks and posture. With Cyio, your MSSP team will benefit from:

  • Deepening Relationships and Increasing Customer Loyalty
  • Maximizing Revenue and Reducing Delivery Costs
  • Accelerating Risk Analysis and Report Generation
  • Business-Risk Perspective and Asset Identification
  • Standardized Reporting and Data Export
  • Comprehensive Risk Evaluation Assets

How can Cyio boost revenue and decrease delivery costs?

Save hours by focusing on what matters most to your business. Cyio prioritizes your risks and identifies your riskiest assets so that you can focus on the right remediations. Additional Cyio features that save our clients hours are tailored reports and an automated asset inventory.

How does Cyio provide a holistic view of cybersecurity risks? 
Cyio understands the concept that Risk = Likelihood X Impact. While the industry frequently contributes to assessing likelihood, evaluating impact often remains the responsibility of the business. Cyio goes beyond merely offering a platform to incorporate impact into the equation; it also aids clients in identifying and accentuating areas of significance.
  • Cyio prioritizes risks, not just vulnerabilities, based on the likelihood that the risk will be realized in your business, and based on the impact that it could have on your business.
  • Cyio also makes deductions about the risks in your environment that go beyond vulnerability detection (for example, the discontinuation of product support, certificate credibility, and encryption strength).
  • Our Risk Assessment capability looks across time - across all assessments. Vulnerability assessments, by themselves, are snapshots in time.
  • Cyio enables the creation of remediation plans with milestones and actions that are reusable with new assessments. Cyio also automatically reopens risks if they are identified again after remediation. Use Cyio to document accepted risks and reduce alert fatigue.
What are the system/hardware requirements for using Cyio?

Currently, Cyio is a software as a service. Contact us if you have on-premises requirements.

How does Cyio adapt and evolve to detect new and emerging cyber threats?

Cyio uses a tailored information system enabling use to identify and document critical systems and protection//enable remediation for defensive cyber operations.

  • Cyio applies cybersecurity tradecraft by automating analysis that is traditionally done by humans using a threat intelligence platform (or intelligence feeds/sources) where raw intelligence is made available to them (where the humans must do the analysis themselves).
  • Our automated analysis enriches information to affect the determination of likelihood and impact of exploitation (keep in mind that this is different than a severity score that a scanner might give). This analysis may include:
    • The tactics and techniques that could lead to a successful exploitation.
    • Adversary attribution.
    • Remediation effectiveness in preventing exploitation.
  • Cyio applies threat intelligence ingested today (evidenced by the fact that likelihood and impact are different in Cyio than the score you’ll see in your scanner):
    • Common Product Enumeration - product data from the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
    • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures from the NIST NVD

Is Cyio compatible with my company’s existing cybersecurity tools and systems? 

Currently, Cyio is compatible with Nessus and Rapid7 scanners.

What is the implementation process for integrating Cyio into our existing infrastructure? 

Cyio only needs to be provisioned in our cloud environment for your clients and all you need is a vulnerability scan export from Nessus or Rapid7 to begin analysis.

Is Cyio suitable for both small and large enterprises?

Yes!  Cyio is developed for a broad customer adoption range.

How does Cyio help clients understand their adversaries?

Cyio swiftly translates risk by evaluating both the likelihood and impact of potential risks. By considering multiple dimensions of risk, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the threats your clients face. This enables you to prioritize and allocate resources effectively, mitigating risks and protecting your clients' assets.

How does Cyio protect my data? 

Each customers' data is stored in their own AWS container.  Data is stored encrypted at rest and connections to Cyio are provided via a secure connection.

I’m an MSP or MSSP. Can I use Cyio to support my clients?

Yes! Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) face the daunting task of navigating advanced cybersecurity challenges on behalf of their clients. To succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, MSSPs require innovative solutions that address complex risks, foster client loyalty, and drive revenue growth. DarkLight's Cyio emerges as the ultimate partner for MSPs and MSSPs, providing a streamlined cybersecurity platform that empowers organizations to understand and manage internal and external risks within their business operations. With its intuitive interface and actionable insights, Cyio creates a significant difference in clients' security posture from the very first use.

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DarkLight's executives explore Cyio capabilities in this series of use case videos.

Cyio Features

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Ease of Reporting with Cyio

Ease of Reporting with Cyio

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SMBs Managing Risk with Cyio

SMBs Managing Risk with Cyio

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