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The Mission

In an era where companies are facing an accelerated rate of new threats that are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, the challenge to stay ahead is relentless. The landscape of attack vectors is evolving swiftly, leaving organizations to navigate through a storm of scans and alerts, all while identifying new threats. The reliance on human intervention for incorporating business context and adhering to industry best practices further adds to the complexity of understanding these risks. Integrating a
knowledge-based AI cybersecurity solution like DarkLight's Cyio can significantly alleviate these challenges, providing a robust defense mechanism.

DarkLight rises to this challenge with a mission focused on dismantling information silos. We aim to transform overwhelmed victims into empowered defenders with Cyio. By harnessing the power of knowledge-based AI, DarkLight's solution enhances the ability to swiftly identify, understand, and manage threats, reducing the dependency on manual analysis and paving the way for a fortified security posture.

The Team


Dan Wachtler

  • Results oriented, culture focused leader of DarkLight, Inc. 

  • Selling CEO with 15-year CEO/President Experience in startup, international and Nasdaq listed companies.

  • Spent 6 months due diligence before joining and investing in DarkLight.


Beth Ellis
Vice President of Operations

  • 12+ years directing multimillion dollar portfolios &operations, including a Department of Defense efficiency program which saved more than $50 million.

  • 10+ years delivering commercial cybersecurity products & leading teams in several areas, including program management, product management, engineering, operations, & business intelligence.


Paul Patrick
EVP of Engineering

  • 40+ years developing and leading commercial products development in various roles – architect, tech director, distinguished engineer, deputy CTO.

  • 21 patents in cybersecurity, service-oriented architecture, dynamic service composition and orchestration.

  • 10+ years cybersecurity experience – BEA Systems, Lockheed Martin, iSight Partners, FireEye.


Thomas Gentry
Sales Director

  • MBA in IT commercialization.

  • 15+ years experience in sales and military leadership.

  • A unique blend of skills to navigate the intersection of cybersecurity, management, and customer success, with a focus on crafting and executing innovative sales strategies, fostering and managing client relationships, and optimizing product pricing for enhanced market penetration.

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Building Awareness About Your Startup | Security Confidential

Building Awareness About Your Startup | Security Confidential

Your life is important to everyone around you. If you have had Negative thoughts, please call or chat the: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish You can also chat with them online: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #Securityconfidential #Darkrhinosecurity Dan Wachtler is the CEO of DarkLight Inc and an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience serving in both executive and sales leadership roles. Previously, he was the President of root9B Holdings, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed advanced cybersecurity firm and creator of the first-ever commercial HUNT platform. Dan has led numerous capital raises and managed large corporate realignment efforts including international expansion efforts. 00:00 Disclaimer 00:09 Introduction 00:25 Our Guest 01:18 Journey into Becoming an Entrepreneur 03:44 What is success to you? 08:21 What’s the secret to bringing awareness to your startup? 12:22 How do you differentiate? 16:43 What does DarkLight do? 22:53 How does your system differentiate between industries? 28:30 Understanding Risk 31:09 Does A.I. have a role in this? 36:07 Getting a Demo with DarkLight 37:44 More about Dan and DarkLight ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more about Dark Rhino Security visit ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA: Stay connected with us on our social media pages where we'll give you snippets, alerts for new podcasts, and even behind the scenes of our studio! Instagram: @securityconfidential and @OfficialDarkRhinoSecurity Facebook: @Dark-Rhino-Security-Inc Twitter: @darkrhinosec LinkedIn: @dark-rhino-security Youtube: @Dark Rhino Security ​ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #darkrhinosecurity #securityconfidential #cybersecurity #cyberpodcast #ai #artificialintelligence #securitypodcast #cybernews #technews #techsoftware #informationtechnology #infosec #cybersecurityforbeginners #technewstoday
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