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DarkLight Partners With Industry Leader Resecurity, to Integrate Next-Generation Cyber Threat Intelligence


Feb 21, 2023

The partnership enables DarkLight to deliver high quality cyber threat intelligence data to enrich client risk assessments and improve their business-critical security posture.

SEATTLE, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DarkLight, the creator of the cybersecurity software Cyio, has today announced a partnership and integration with Resecurity, a leading cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence.

The partnership will give DarkLight access to Resecurity's cyber threat intelligence solution called Context™, which identifies indications of cyber intrusions and data breaches for clients. This will give DarkLight the ability to provide comprehensive risk assessments tailored to each client's unique business context.

DarkLight's knowledge driven AI platform, Cyio, was originally developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (one of the Department of Energy's national labs) to support an NSA effort. Today's clients can immediately analyze raw data, identify, and prioritize risk, and generate client-ready reports in minutes, cutting manual processing and analysis time by 90%. The integration of Resecurity's cyber threat intelligence data, will enable CISOs and information security teams to reduce blind spots and improve enterprise cybersecurity posture exponentially.

"Cyio is a solution that aims to address the growing challenge faced by clients in the face of rapidly increasing cyber-attacks. It provides clients a platform to understand external risks and threats in combination with their business context. With the use of the world-class threat intelligence from Resecurity's Context™, Cyio now enables improved and measurable cyber resiliency to its clients." said Dan Wachtler, CEO, DarkLight.

Resecurity CEO Gene Yoo said extending their threat intelligence offering to DarkLight's clients was an exciting proposition for the best-of-breed intelligence-driven cybersecurity company.

"Resecurity is excited for the opportunity to bring our expertise and cutting-edge technology to a wider audience and make a real impact in the fight against cybercrime. By partnering with a startup like DarkLight, we now have a mechanism to expand the usefulness and reach of the unique intelligence we bring to bear. We knew some of DarkLight's leadership from the past but once we came to understand the future of Cyio, we felt this partnership provided the best opportunity to make a difference in the commercial sector of our community." Mr. Yoo said.

About DarkLight, Inc.DarkLight, Inc., is the creator of the cybersecurity software Cyio. Cyio provides clients a simple, holistic, and continuously prioritized view of their cybersecurity risks and posture. Our knowledge-driven AI platform was built as an all-sensor fusion solution to automate as much analysis, management, and reporting as possible. Scio is the Latin word meaning to-know. Cyio was developed for clients to know their risks, know their adversaries, and know themselves. DarkLight's mission is to break down information silos and turn overwhelmed victims into empowered defenders. For information on how to join our pilot program, visit

About ResecurityResecurity® is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence. Known for providing best-of-breed intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, Resecurity's services and platforms focus on early-warning identification of data breaches and comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of digital risks. Founded in 2016, it has been globally recognized as one of the world's most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of enabling organizations to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are. Most recently, Resecurity was named as one of the Top 10 fastest-growing private cybersecurity companies in Los Angeles, California by Inc. Magazine. An Official Member of Infragard, AFCEA, NDIA, SIA and FS-ISAC. To learn more about Resecurity, visit


SOURCE DarkLight

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