Investments in Machine Learning and other data science analytics are beginning to show their limitations. DarkLight was founded to bridge the gaps and help organizations realize the full potential of AI.

Thinking Big

Introducing Cyio (Latin scio for “to know”). We are pointing DarkLight’s powerful domain agnostic AI platform at a massive problem – Cybersecurity.

Starting Small

A micro solution within Cyio to solve an important problem – prioritizing resources.

Going Fast

Our team will quickly and continually add solutions to Cyio based on our market needs assessment backed by client feedback.

DarkLight’s First Micro Solution

What would normally take a human days, Cyio can do in minutes.

Cyio’s Vulnerability Scan Analysis Capability (VSAC), is focused on understanding and prioritizing an organization’s vulnerability scan results. VSAC is powered by symbolic AI enabling it to literally understand the meaning and relationships in the raw vulnerability scan results. VSAC knows that vulnerabilities are exploitable instances of weaknesses inherent in the products installed on an enterprise’s hosts. By understanding these relationships and being able to fuse with community best practices and organizational context, Cyio’s VSAC delivers a more consistent and thorough report clearly identifying which vulnerabilities should be addressed first – and why.

Our team’s mission is clear – to make cyberspace safer.

We will do this by helping our clients become empowered defenders rather than overwhelmed victims.

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We are seeking organizations who have realized the need to move beyond playing whack-a-mole and are focused on building measurable cyber resiliency.

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