DarkLight to Participate in AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium

Shawn Riley, Chief Data Officer, to Lead Discussion on Active Cyber Defense and Trusted Information Sharing

Santa Monica, CA – May 26, 2017 – DarkLight, an A.I. expert system for active cyber defense and trusted information sharing, today announced that their Chief Data Officer, Shawn Riley, has been selected to present at the Cyber Innovation Showcase during the AFCEA 2017 Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium. The Symposium will take place June 13-15, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland and Riley will lead his session on June 14 from 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT.

AFCEA’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium provides a forum for government and industry to discuss requirements and solutions that will ensure the networks within the Department of Defense (DoD) are adaptive, resilient and effective across a range of uses and against diverse threats.

DarkLight’s presentation, “A.I.-Based Expert System for Active Cyber Defense and Trusted Information Sharing”, was chosen by members of the AFCEA Technology Committee and AFCEA Senior Staff from over 65 proposals for innovative solutions.  Robert K. Ackerman, editor-in-chief, SIGNAL Media, will facilitate the presentations.

Mr. Riley will discuss how an organization can:

  • Deploy a scientific, evidence-based foundation for vastly improved cyber security operations and automation of their most highly-prized resource: the logic and   experience of the human analyst.
  • Automate what was previously solely a human task in frameworks such as the Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD), a collaboration between NSA, DHS, Johns Hopkins APL and many industry leading vendors.
  • Guide the AI to perform upper-level sense-making and decision-making functions at machine speed while the human remains “on the loop” only as needed, to further train the AI.

"We are thrilled that DarkLight has been chosen to participate in the Cyber Innovation Showcase,” said John Shearer, CEO and Co-Founder of DarkLight. “DarkLight was created, tested and proven at one of the nation’s most advanced research laboratories and we are honored to have the opportunity to exhibit its ability to forward active cyber defense and trusted information sharing.”

“Active Cyber Defense is an organization’s synchronized, real-time capability to discover, detect, analyze, and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities within their cyber defense ecosystem,” adds Riley. “In working in concert with frameworks like IACD, DarkLight enables active cyber defense by operationalizing the OODA loop for cyber defense as sensing, sense-making, decision-making, and acting.”

For more information on the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium, visit http://events.afcea.org/AFCEACyberOps17/Public/enter.aspx.

About Champion Technology Company’s DarkLight

DarkLight is a first of its kind, AI-based expert system for active cyber defense and trusted information sharing. It delivers a force-multiplier to address the greatest challenge facing the industry today – the lack of skilled cyber analysts. Created, tested and proven at one of the nation's most advanced research laboratories, the company recently emerged from stealth, bringing its patented technology to the commercial market for use by enterprises of all sizes. DarkLight’s AI vastly improves cyber security operations and automates their most highly-prized resource: the logic and experience of the human analyst. To learn more, please visit www.darklightcyber.com.