DarkLight™ University

DarkLight, Inc., has a unique lineage tied directly to academics. DarkLight was originally created and underwritten by the Early X Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit education and IP monetization organization founded by professors and senior administrators from the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management.  As such, our founders, advisors and board members have a deep commitment to the advancement of cybersecurity education as part of our national academic curriculum.

CyberSecurity Education Consortium

The Cybersecurity Education Consortium (CSEC) was founded  to enable universities & colleges to leverage DarkLight’s patented, next generation cybersecurity software to rapidly benefit:

  • Student cyber careers
  • Faculty development
  • Alumni relations
  • Protection of internal school digital assets
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Improved cybersecurity for the broader business community.

CSEC is seeking Academic institutions with cybersecurity programs to join the consortium and help us realize this joint mission.


As part of our committment to support global cybersecurity education, qualified Academic intstitutions will receive a significantly discounted or no-cost license.  

  • DarkLight will donate its next generation, patented cyber security software as a no-cost academic license to all CSEC partner schools to be used in classrooms as a curriculum tool to support cybersecurity-degree seeking students.
  • Member organizations will also receive significantly discounted licenses for use by their own IT Staff and Security Operations.


  • Will receive a significantly marketable and hands-on experience with a real-world tool used by cutting edge organizations
  • Earn certification as a “DarkLight Cybersecurity Analyst”
  • Students enrolled in a part- or full-time cybersecurity or CS program at a accredited institution may qualify for a Test-Drive or extended trial/academic license of DarkLight.
  • Students completing DarkLight certification and a Cybersecurity Degree will receive a 60-day complementary DarkLight Users License to take to a new or existing employer. (Cyber to Business License).


If you are faculty or staff overseeing a cybersecurity program, ask us about the DarkLight Cyber Security Educational Consortium (CSEC) and utilizing DarkLight in the classroom.


Students enrolled in a part- or full-time cybersecurity or CS program at a accredited institution.

Validation of your status is required. We reserve the right to extend this offer only to qualified students and Academic institutions.

Please complete the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you within one business day.