Champion Technology Company releases DarkLight™ 2.3

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Champion Technology Company, Inc., R&D 100 award recipient, has released v2.3 of DarkLight™, the next generation cybersecurity analytic and automation software and has added Richard (Rick) Berg, as Director of Cybersecurity. 

DarkLight v2.3 released
Today’s cyber analyst receives so many notifications that a vast amount of the alerts get caught up in the noise and get ignored.  To address this, DarkLight’s Programmable Reasoning Objects (PRO’s) encode the human logic, knowledge and experience of the security analyst – to perform at scale in order to reduce these false positives and enable a much faster Incident Response once a compromise is detected. 

DarkLight v2.3 improves the usability of the advanced reasoning engine, which allows the cyberanalyst more intuitive access to data ingesting and task automation and orchestration.  Feeding DarkLight's advanced reasoning analytics with data from sources such as Splunk®i, Logstash®ii, and/or individual appliances, enterprise customers can now apply deep analysis to all their feeds in the context of the enterprise's business model.

"One thing we've heard loud and clear from our clients is that they're struggling to make better use of their enterprise security and operations tools – without further burdening their staff," said Jess Richter, CRO of Champion Technology Company.  

With that need in mind, DarkLight v2.3 can analyze the massive datasets processed through its underlying semantic graph database (which can handle billions of triples on a modestly priced hardware), and can now orchestrate context-enriched interactions with a wide variety of enterprise security devices, Incident Response systems, IT Service Management and helpdesk/ticketing platforms.

Customer Success  
At one client, DarkLight analyzes more than 100,000 alerts and data points per day from a variety of security appliances and network devices. DarkLight enriches this information with contextual data and intelligently filters out many false positives.  The organization has seen a measurable increase in value of existing security tools by making the tool's output more meaningful. Their analysts have been able to spend more time on the most impactful threats.


Champion's DarkLight™ is a next-generation cybersecurity automation and orchestration platform.  This groundbreaking solution leverages the human logic, knowledge, and experience of security analysts through Champion’s proprietary advanced reasoning techniques. To learn more about DarkLight™

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Splunk® is a registered trademark of Splunk Inc. in the United States and other countries.

ii Logstash® is a registered trademark of Elasticsearch BV.