DarkLight is an Artificial Intelligence Expert System for Active Cyber Defense and           Trusted Information Sharing

  • Improve cyber security analysts performance up to 100X
  • Reduce false-positives by up to 99%
  • Boost return on existing cyber security investments


DarkLight has been featured in…

  • CIO
  • 425 Business
  • SC Media
  • Cyber Wire
  • CDM
  • 3 C
  • Network World
“DarkLight makes it possible for our clients to do more with fewer cyber-analysts."


“DarkLight is using a reasoning engine to harness…human knowledge and automate threat-response tasks.”


“DarkLight has taken a different approach so I think they’re going to be a big challenger...”


What can DarkLight do for you?

  • Orchestrate Analytic Tradecraft
  • Enable Expert Sense-Making and Decision-Making
  • Create a Scientific Foundation to Cyber Security Operations
  • Accelerate Analyst Onboarding / Prevent Brain Drain
  • Improve the Value of Existing Cyber Security Investments

Why is it different?

  • Automates Top-Down, Upper-Level Deductive Reasoning 
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence through Transparent, Defendable Logic
  • Leverages Industry-Standard Models 

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How does it work?

Organize what is known, enable Sense-Making, emulate Decision-Making, fuse siloed data, enhance governance and democratize data.

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Sensing: DarkLight ingests observations from security appliances, network monitoring systems, SIEM, etc. and maps them to a conceptual model of the unified cyber terrain.

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Sense-Making: Using the defense and intelligence community's Object-Based Production methodology, DarkLight organizes what is known about the enterprise, the adversary and the observations sensed from the cyber ecosystem, interpreting the data like a human analyst would.

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Decision-making: Encoded with the cyber defense experience and analytic tradecraft of human experts, DarkLight's AI emulates the decision-making and course of action selection, increasing the speed and scale of cyber defense.

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Acting: With the heavy lifting done, DarkLight orchestrates a programmatic response, using trusted information sharing standards like TAXII/STIX and OpenC2 or by notifying an analyst for further review.

Download the DarkLight Business Data Sheet and learn how to improve your security operations.

This two-page document is ideal for the Security Analyst, Security Operation Center (SOC) Managers and CISO, and will explain the

  • Top Benefits
  • Key Value
  • How DarkLight differs from other Security Analytics and Orchestration tools
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Ready to use the power of DarkLight's AI for Active Cyber Defense?

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